F.I.R.E LTD take the safety of our course delegates during the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. We operate our courses following guidelines from the UK Government, BAFE and in accordance to our own risk assessment which we share and align with each venue.

Training room layout

Training rooms are set out to maintain a space of 2 metres between attendees, they are well ventilated and cleaned at the end of each day. Masks are requested to be worn during practical exercises and in the presence of the examiner (for those undertaking the 4-day full course). F.I.R.E LTD supplies a full Covid safety kit including spare clean masks, hand sanitiser, tissues and anti-bacterial equipment wipes.

Attendees with any health safety concerns are encouraged to advise us in advance of attending our courses and we will make all endeavours to ensure additional space is made available for them without any detriment to their ability to see course slides, take appropriate notes and interact with everyone on the course.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at admin@firelimited.co.uk where we will be pleased to help.

Dynamic and Engaging Fire Training

F.I.R.E LTD specialises in providing scheduled and in-situ fire extinguisher maintenance training courses that are run nationwide to qualify and refresh technicians who service and install portable fire extinguishers. We also provide bespoke in-situ fire warden (marshal), fire extinguisher and fire awareness training for commercial office staff working in organisations located around west London, Surrey and Berkshire. This is a dynamic, interactive and also imparts valuable knowledge to safeguard attendees from fires in the home.

Fire Extinguisher Technician Course

A three-day course with BAFE invigilation on day four to become ‘competent’ in servicing portable fire extinguishers.

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Fire Extinguisher Technician Refresher

A one-day course that is required to be taken every three years to retain ‘competency’ for servicing portable fire extinguishers.

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Staff Fire Training

Fire awareness, prevention, evacuation, extinguisher and warden training.

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Why get trained by F.I.R.E LTD?

Knowledgeable Tutor

The instructor not only teaches the student to gain a BAFE issued certificate of competency, but also how to apply this valuable new know-how with confidence and in a safe manner.

Interactive Training

The tutor creates a comfortable and engaging learning environment that encourages the student to discuss and challenge the many new concepts presented to them during the course.

Comprehensive Manual

Students are presented with an exceptionally detailed Extinguisher Servicing Manual for guidance through the course and preparation for passing the BS5306 exam invigilated by BAFE.

About F.I.R.E LTD

F.I.R.E LTD has been trading since 1997 and was originally formed to provide portable fire extinguisher servicing. The company is today a leading provider of fire awareness, fire warden and fire extinguisher service technician training. Alan Palmer, the company’s founder and owner, has over 30 year’s experience in the fire and explosion protection industry. in 2009 he co-founded the UK Fire Association that provides support to over 200 small and medium sized fire protection businesses.

alan palmer

Our Trainer - Alan Palmer

PTLLS Level 4 qualified (AET Level 3 equivalent)

Alan has 20 year’s experience training fire extinguisher technicians along with running his own fire protection business for 25 years, supplying, installing and servicing fire-fighting equipment.

His unique experience and knowledge is imparted into the training giving students a head start when they face a customer for the first time!

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